Scooty's Designs is in the Spotlight

Scooty's Designs is in the Spotlight from October 1st till October 15th at DSC and there is a lot happening. A new kit will be released 'So Cute' and a freebie add-on is offered next to a great challenge! So pop in and join the fun!



Doolish which is originally a gaelic name that means 'Black water' is a great set of 4 black textured overlays! Available NOW at Scrapinsider


You take a very special place into my heart

credits: Summer by Natali designs


Having a wonderful time together

For the Rocking Spotlight challenge at Ninascraps Designs

credits: template by sf_gal and Fresh Air by Ninascraps design


Happy birthday lines by Sabrina's Creations

Sabrina's Creations will release tomorrow a set of birthday lines, exclusively at DSC

credits: papers from 'In the Spotlight' by Sabrina's Creations


I adore you

credits: 100% TaylorMade: revive, unscripted and shine on


Life is a journey

Elise today...


Rhoslyn by Jopke designs

On Friday Jopke will release "Rhoslyn" which is originally a Welsh name that means 'Rose valley; moor valley'. Colors are deep and rich. this kit is perfectly suited for fall, sunset or end of summer LO's.



This must be the simpliest LO I've done in ages, but it is loaded with memories and that is what it is al about, isn't it ? Preserving memories ...

Nathan started last week in his 2nd kindergarden. (School starts when a child is 3 years old in Belgium. He is 4 now) Rikki is the class mascot and he spends every weekend with a child including pyjamas and tooth brush ;-). We had an awesome weekend at the coast and a diary loaded with great memories!


When angels dream

After doing a fantasy page for Nathan, it was time to turn Elise in an angel. And she LOVES it ;-)

credits: Color of your birthday by Lily designs


Tucson by Jopke Designs

Jopke Designs has released today at Two little Pixels a new set of clipping masks that is called TUCSON, which is an origin Spanish name that means 'Black base'

Tucson masks by Jopke Designs
Hope and Dreams by Vinnie pierce
Decorative grunge swrls by Vinnie Pierce
You are royalty by Vinnie Pierce



Some more photos of my little photoshoot the other day