Just a few lay-outs for you to enjoy or to inspire you

by Vke
by Tinneke
by Zara
by Veer
by Tasha
by Rebelke
by RDL
by Jasje



I have a new kit coming up. And although I intended to create a mini-kit, I somehow ended up with 13 different papers. So I guess, this mini-kit will be my first complete kit: it will be girly and romantic and follows following color sheme:

Upon request I created a template out of my LO I did with Vally's papers

Click on the template to start downloading

Have a wonderful weekend!


Today I'd like to highlight a few blogs of some of my Belgian colleague-designers. We have started this adventure more or less at the same time and I think they have done a marvelous job so far. Go check out following blogs:


And I made a few LO myself using their freebies:

credits: Simply lime by http://clickphoto-lien.blogspot.com/

credits: eerste kit by http://vally-creaties.blogspot.com/

credits: Things of beauty by http://sabrina-creations.blogspot.com/ + template by TaylorMade


Another template freebie

Today's template is based on my latest LO of my two kids. They are not always this friendly towards one another ;-), but I hope that they will remain friends throughout their life. The template is fairly simple with a main focus towards the photo. Enjoy!

Click on the template preview to start downloading


mini-paper kit "Details of Sand"

Last week we spent a marvelous week at the Belgian coast which inspired me to create "Details of Sand". It consists of 4 softly textured sand-colored papers. Great for blending or those last summer pages ;-)

preview:Click on the preview to start downloading


some more LO

Thank you so much for all the positive comments and emails I received over the past few days. I will try to reply each one of you in the next few days. I am really overwhelmed with all these beautiful LO. If someone should like to have his/her LO posted, send me an email with a link to your gallery and I will be happy to include it as well ;-)

An overview:

by Poupy
by Timounetteby Sophie
Click on LO for credits

by GwadatitiClick on LO for credits

by ClochetteClick on LO for credits

by Mary

Click on LO for credits

by Katell

Click on LO for credits

by MarkoJanett
Click on LO for credits

by AngeClick on the LO for credits

by Lisa

by Leilani Rose credits: Kit: Monkey Do By Jan Crowley a.k.a. Queen of Quirk

by Sabrina
Click on the LO for credits

by Veer
by Zara

by Snoelikat

by Ritser

by Pinkeltje

by Obileni

by Katrien
by Jasje
by Brien

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mini-kit "It is totally you"

My blog is one week old and I want to seize this opportunity to thank YOU, my dear blog readers, for the lovely comments and generous compliments. They keep me motivated to continue what I started one week ago.

As promised my latest mini-kit is up today -:), totally different from my previous one. It is modern, it is cool, it is totally you! I hope you like it ...

Click on the preview to start downloading

Tomorrow we will leave for a short holiday to the coast. So I'll be back in about a week with some more freebies


It's cool, it's modern, "it is totally you"

Today I have something special for you: a sneak preview of my latest mini-kit that will be published tomorrow. It is a quick-page I made with some of its papers. The mini-kit is created according to following color sheme:

And the preview:Click on the preview to start downloading the quick-page